Q: Are your services covered by insurance?
A: Holistic nutritionist services will not be covered by Provincial health care plans such as OHIP but may be covered by some extended health policies.
Every insurance company is different and depending on your individual plan you may or not be covered for nutritional consulting through a registered nutritionist.  

Please note that it will be up to you to determine eligibility through your insurance provider. Most insurance companies require you to pay for your service in full and then submit a receipt to them for which they send you a reimbursement. 

Q: Are you vegan/ Do you promote a vegan lifestyle?
A: While I believe in consuming the vast majority of my foods from plant based sources; I also understand the importance of animal products in the diet. Over ten years ago when I started in this field I was vegetarian for a brief time and though I was consuming wonderful organic plant foods and even taking added high quality supplements- my health began to wane and I quickly realized that my body functions far better when animal products are included. After 11 years of research and personal experience, it is my professional opinion that for children and women of the childbearing years, to be optimally nourished,  particular animal products should be included in the diet, most of the time. The amounts and types of foods vary depending on individual needs. The only time I would recommend a vegan diet, usually temporary is for detoxifying or as a compliment to very specific holistic treatment plans for certain conditions. Also, men and especially women who are not planning to conceive children may have less to be concerned about with a vegan diet.
         While I truly respect and am moved by the deep ethical reasoning behind a lot of people's decisions to become vegan, I also recognize that the issue is not entirely black and white and that there are many other factors to consider when making the decision to become vegan or not. It is not in the scope of this paragraph to be able to speak fully to the ethics involved in consuming or not consuming animal products. What I will say is that in general I do not promote veganism and I do believe in the important roles animal products have for providing fat soluble vitamins, minerals and particular amino acids that are otherwise very difficult or impossible to obtain from other sources.