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For scientific articles on the latest health and wellness topics and for a guide to finding local nourishing foods visit:

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary

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Adequate sleep is equally as important as nutrition. Your bedroom should be conducive to rest and a healthful environment. Conventional mattresses are made with toxic products that off gas and impact your health. Learn more and find quality organic bedding at RestHouse.


Are you familiar with Hellerwork? Janelle Hardy fixes posture and relieves pain, stress and tension with Hellerwork Structural Integration - a unique combination of deep-tissue massage and movement lessons. I have had the joy of experiencing work done by Janelle and the immediate results are nothing short of miraculous.
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The Environmental Working Group is an organization that really researches into our food and skin products. They have a great database for sunscreens and other body care items called "skin deep" and every year they put out something called, "the dirty dozen" list. This list is of the top fruits and vegetables contaminated with the highest amounts of pesticide residues. Here is the "Dirty Dozen" list.