First Moon Initiation Ceremony & Blessing Way

First Moon Initiation Ceremony
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Do you have a daughter that has just started her first menstruation or soon will be? This package is designed to be a rite of passage into womanhood through ceremony and sacred rituals that mark this momentous shift in a young woman's life. 

We will decorate a room of your house to become a beautiful "red tent" space comfortable for seating any family members, elders, mentors or friends that your daughter feels called to have attend. I will provide red cloths to hang as well as several cushions for seating and a center altar which you are free to add to and make symbolic of your daughter and what you would like to have represented for her. The room can be decorated any way you want, this is just one suggestion.

We will plan this event together and I will go over some of the various traditional or non-traditional rites we can include and their meanings or significance such as "jumping the broom", tying of the ribbons, the circle itself and how it will be conducted, etc. We will tailor this ceremony exactly as you and especially your daughter, see fitting. 

Traditionally to begin the ceremony, a woman's feet are washed (this can be in a special herbal preparation) and massaged, she is dressed in beautiful red clothing or something else of her choosing to mark the significance and sacredness of the occasion. Often her hair is braided and interlaced with flowers. Her skin may be decorated with Henna or essential oils may be applied. This can be done by a parent, aunt, grandmother or other significant elder or "crone" figure in the young woman's life. Next, the young woman will be lead into the room of her friends and family and we will gather in a circle to lead through any rituals or traditions decided upon, and then hold a circle where each woman present will have a chance to share positive stories, thoughts, helpful suggestions or expressions about womanhood and bestow any blessings or wisdom she feels called to pass along.

Either before or after the ceremony, a 1 hr nutritional and herbal consultation one on one with the young woman is provided to go over foods and herbs that can be included to help regulate menstrual cycles and eliminate or minimize uncomfortable symptoms associated with menstruation. A resource list will be provided for future reference.

Available to residents from Ladysmith- Victoria only.