The Art of Fermentation

This four month fermentation course will supply you with all of the cultures, materials, references and hands on experience you need in order to start your culinary and healing journey with fermented foods. Price includes: 

  • 5 two hour long classes over the span of four months
  • A one gallon mason jar and recipe/how to referencing manual
  • A kombucha starter
  • Sourdough starter
  • Water kefir grains 
  • Milk kefir grains

Cost: 419.00 + GST paid in full or with two separate deposits. 
Next class starts May 2018.
Registration will open in January 2018

In this class you will gain the knowledge and confidence to use fermented foods to improve your health, increase your vitality, enhance your immune system and optimize the flavor of your meals! I am so excited to share these important, ancient practices with you so that you too may enjoy the benefits of fermentation in your culinary and nutritional endeavors. Fermented foods play a critical role in the healing of our intestinal tract and we now know that everything stems from the gut, it is the foundation on which optimal health is built. This information is life changing and it brings me great joy to share it.

An online version of this course will be offered as well. Materials will not be provided due to extensive shipping costs, though online suppliers will be recommended. Cost is 325.00 + GST