To book a consultation please contact me via email or my land-line
at 778-422-2286 or use my online booking tool here.

I offer one-on-one private consultations as well as small group or corporate consultations.
*For corporate rates please contact me at

Please fill out an intake form and email it to me or drop it off, prior to our session. I want to get as much done in our time as possible and this gives me a head start.

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I can help you:

  • build a repertoire of foods that nourish and delight you
  • figure out which foods support your body and which foods you may want to eliminate or replace
  • create 10-minute meals that make your taste buds dance with enthusiasm
  • make gradual, nourishing, and sustainable changes in your diet that leave you confident that you can do this healthy eating thing, for the rest of your life.

Free Initial 20 minute consultation: 
This is a chance for us to meet and for you to get a feel of the way I work. 

Nutritional Consultations
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1 hour consultation:
In longer consultations we will go over your food history. We'll talk about what you ate growing up, what your taste preferences are. We can uncover particular nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and inspire you to rediscover your health through delicious, healthful foods all while clearing up any food related misconceptions or confusion you may have. If you are looking for an in depth analysis please plan for a two hour initial appointment.
* Please note travel fees between 5.00-15.00 may apply for home visits.

Phone consultations are also an option.

30 minute Follow Up
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30 minute consultation:

Shorter consultations are best suited for follow ups. They also work well for people who have a few questions they want cleared up or one very specific topic they would like to discuss.

Consultations can also be done over the phone.

Premium Consultation Package:

Premium Consultation Package
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  • 2 hour initial consultation including symptomatology & a complete dietary assessment.
  • Follow up 1 hour consultation
  • 7 day organized meal planning binder with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for the week.
  • 2 x 30 minute follow up consultations.
  • 2 x 30 minute telephone consultations.
  • Unlimited email support (during office hours)

7 Day Meal Plan
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Personalized meal plans:

You will receive a one week meal plan providing 3 meals a day and a couple of healthy dessert and snack ideas including exactly the foods you need to be consuming for your individual needs. 

Kitchen Detox
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At home kitchen Detox/consultations/lessons:

This is for when I make house calls to your home and can actually assist by going through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and help you understand how the foods you are consuming are affecting your health, how to read labels and how to better stock your cupboards. I can even take away any food we decide is no longer serving you in a box to the food bank afterwards. 

Grocery Store Tour
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Grocery store tours/shopping lessons: 

This service actually involves taking you to your regular grocery stores and/or health food stores in your area to show you exactly how to fill your house with nourishing foods wherever you shop, make replacements for old favorite foods that no longer serve you and show you how to shop for your weekly meals. 

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