Keeping The Family Healthy When School Starts

by Andrea Jones RNCP


            Autumn is right around the corner. To most people that means that school is starting, regular routines are being re-established and we can look forward to cozy sweaters and pumpkin pie. It also means that cold season is here and with everyone together inside, in close quarters, illnesses starts to spread rampantly.


            Every year myself and the staff at the Community Farm Store, write articles about all of the wonderful foods and supplements you can take to avoid getting sick. Once inspired, we all have these glorious intentions when the beginning of September rolls in, but how many of us are still getting adequate sleep, drinking lots of pure water, eating regular, wholesome meals and avoiding processed foods, sugar and stimulants by the end of the month?


            The truth is, if you simply supply your body with its basic needs of plenty of rest, water, and nourishment, you’re far more likely to avoid getting really sick. Our bodies want to be healthy; they strive for perfect harmony, always. It is unavoidable to have no exposure to viruses and types of bacteria that can make us sick, but the difference between exposure and illness depends entirely on the terrain of our bodies.


            If you are well rested, hydrated and nourished, your body has the energy, capacity and supplies to fight off infection so fast you don’t even realize you’ve been exposed. If you are run down, dehydrated and lacking vitamins or minerals (even just one!) than your body has a more challenging time dealing with the extra burden of destroying and eliminating foreign attackers.


            There are several key supplements that we pretty much always need to be taking to ensure we are properly supplied. These are: plenty of omega 3’s, vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics and minerals. For me, this looks like: Fermented cod liver oil, Sealicious fish oil, St. Francis mineral matrix, Health Force Acerola Cherry and plenty of bone broth and fermented foods. There are dozens of foods and supplements that you can choose to fill these requirements in a way that suits you best.


            At The Community Farm Store, we are fully staffed 7 days a week with Holistic Registered Nutritionists to help you keep your family healthy and in good spirits, all autumn and winter long.


            Keep in mind- staying healthy for the season is a marathon, not a sprint. The little things you do every day, with regularity are going to be the most effective therapies for illness prevention. So pace yourself, making good choices, and stick to them!