Travelling This Summer?


By Andrea Jones RNCP

       Here at the Farm Store, we love going away for summer vacations. Many of us take off for camping trips, hiking adventures, road trips, family visits, gatherings and other adventures.

            Most of us, especially if leaving the island, dread the idea of finding food to eat on our travels. Solution: We bring our own! At the Farm Store, we’ve got everything you need to bring healthy food with you! Don’t get caught on a trip with no choice but to fill up on genetically modified, overly processed, preservative filled, imitation foods.

            My first rule is to always bring a small cooler. Then I make my own salads, wraps, sandwiches, fruit salads, vegetable platters and put them into stainless steel or glass containers (many of which we carry here at the store). I put my own dips, dressings and sauces into small mason jars to add on before eating. Even most airlines allow a small cooler to be your carry on!

            Thirsty? Bring your own water! I always fill up several empty 1 gallon apple juice jugs with water for longer trips and I bring my own refillable stainless steel water bottle along everywhere I go. I have one of the Purica insulated ones for hot or cold water. At an airport, you can fill water bottles after going through security so you aren’t stuck drinking horrible water on an airplane too. I always travel with my own tea bags and find hot water at any café. I even have friends that travel with their kombucha mother and keep a continuous brew going on the road, but I always leave mine at home waiting for me.

            Some other Farm Store quick travel grabs are dried fruits and nuts (great to mix together for your own trail mix). We do have some premixed versions as well. The Super snack mix and Dragon’s blend from Harmonic Arts are divinely delicious. The dried miso soup sachets are also a must have for flights and long trips. It’s never hard to find hot water to add and make yourself a nourishing cup of soup.

            The other Farm Store travel foods I never leave without are the Island bison pepperoni sticks, jerky or buffalo caveman sticks. They are a great source of protein when you know you won’t be around any decent source of meat for a while. Hard boiled eggs can be a great high protein snack for weekend trips as well.

            No matter where you are going this summer, make sure to prepare ahead of time by bringing healthy snacks, meals and beverages with you. Your wallet and your body will be grateful to you!