I am overjoyed to be offering a fully stocked women's apothecary. Premium quality, organic & wildcrafted herbs will be offered that are grown and harvested here on my property as well as from Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. Also find a selection of top quality natural health supplements.



The following herbs are available:

Black Haw Bark - Wild Harvested 

Burdock Root- Organically grown here

Calendula Blossoms- Organically grown here

Cramp Bark, wild harvest 

Dong Quai Root, organic 

Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Organic 

Elecampane- Organically grown here

Fennel seeds- Organically grown here

Goat's Rue leaf

Horsetail - Organic / Wild Harvested

Lemon Balm- Organically grown here

Linden Leaf & Flower- organic

Marshmallow (Althea) Root (organically grown here)

Mints- organically grown here

Nettle Tops - Organic

Oatstraw- Organic

Pau D'Arco- wild harvested

Pennyroyal leaf, organic

Raspberry Leaf, organic

Red Clover Blossoms, Organic

Valerian, organic 

Vitex/Chaste Berries, organic

Wild Yam Root, wild harvested

* No shipping available. Contact me directly for all products.


Also available: Custom Tinctures (All made with fresh plant material that is grown in my garden or wildcrafted, unless otherwise specified and extracted with organic cane alcohol)

Custom oils and salves will also be available. Come in or contact me for more information about custom preparations.


Custom Herbal Products

Online payment method for custom herbal products. Pick up only, no shipping.

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“I have been using Andrea's throat spray at the first sign of a sore throat. With a new baby and many sleepless nights, I've had more sore throats this winter than ever before, but thanks to this deliciously pungent and healing throat spray, I haven't been sick all winter. I couldn't be more grateful!” – Dr. Nina Foot

“I tried Andrea's Throat spray in the winter and it gave me a sense of calm and relief in my throat. - Thank you Andrea for your commitment to herbs, health and well being.” - Singer Cari Burdett

“My husband was in a production with many shows and at the first sign of a sore throat used the throat spray and never once got sick or lost his voice! I'd say it's very useful for actors, singers, and anyone that uses their voice a lot.” -Singer Meghan Robertson.